Heating in harmony. Colder months mean a desire for warmer rooms without higher bills. Radiator Thermostat has been engineered in Germany to help keep every room of your home at the perfect temperature. It’s also been engineered to use automation intelligence to warm rooms without blistering costs. Even through the longest Winter. You can automate it, and you can manually control it. Radiator Thermostat can be intelligently automated or scheduled via Z-Wave, or it can be manually controlled from an app or its on-device buttons and backlit, LCD screen. Packaged with multiple adaptors, Radiator Thermostat can be retrofitted to all radiators with a M30 x 1.5 thread, and RAV, RAL or RAVL valves. That means that Radiator Thermostat is compatible with over 90% of radiators. Intelligent automation means more than presence detection with Radiator Thermostat. Compatible gateways offer compatibility with geolocation technology. Radiator Thermostat will know when you’re out. It will also know when you’re coming back and start heating at the optimal moment needed to welcome you home with the perfect level of warmth. Its inbuilt thermostat is capable of measuring a room’s size and temperature. But rooms aren’t all designed equally. For temperature management perfection, Radiator Thermostat is compatible with aërQ Temperature & Humidity Sensor for accurate whole-room temperature measurement. 

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Full Description Line Z-Wave|Unit Net Weight 0.2 kg
Funkcinis suderinamumas Z-Wave
Vendor Homepage aeotec.com/z-wave-home-automation/thermostat-radiator-valve-trv/

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