There are MultiSensors and then there are MultiSensors. MultiSensor 6 isn’t just a redesign of Aeotec’s most intelligent sensor, it’s a complete reengineering from the inside out. We didn’t just tweak our first Multisensor, we redefined it. A smart home is only truly smart when it’s intelligent. A smart home has to offer more than a schedule; it has to react to what’s occurring in a home in real-time. MultiSensor 6 is the foundation of a modern smart home; within its perfectly small exterior lies all the technology for real-time intelligence. 
  • Motion sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Light sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Vibration sensor
  • UV sensor

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Full Description Line Z-Wave|Unit Net Weight 0.074 kg
Funkcinis suderinamumas Z-Wave
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