• TSP-05 AC-DC 220V į 5V mini maitinimo šaltinis

The ultra-thin, subminiature
The full voltage input (90 ~ 264 vac)
Low ripple and low noise
Output overload short circuit protection function
High efficiency and power density
Product design to meet the EMC and safety testing requirements
Low power consumption, green environmental protection, no-load loss < 0.1 W
Meet the requirements of UL, CE,
The quality guarantee period of 10.1 years

Environmental conditions

Working temperature: - 20-60 +degree
Storage temperature: + 80-40 -degree
Relative humidity: 5-95.%
The cooling way: Natural cooling
The atmospheric pressure: 80-106Kpa
The altitude :2000M or less

The electrical characteristics

The technical requirements:Single bit
The rated input voltage:100-100.VAc
The input voltage range:90-90.VAc
Maximum input current:0.2 or less a.
Input surge current;10 or less a.
Maximum input voltage:270 or less VAc
Input soft start: 50 or less MS
Efficiency of low input voltage: Vin = 110 vac, output with 69 or more %
High input voltage: Vin = 220 vac, output with 70 or more %
Long-term reliability:MTBF 100000 or more H.
No load rated output voltage: + 5 + / - 0.1 VDc
Full rated output voltage: + 5 + / - 0.2 VDc A
short time maximum output current: P 1000 ma
The maximum output current for a long time: P 600 ma
Voltage regulation: + / - 0.2 %
Load regulation: + / - 0.5  %
The output ripple and noise: (mVp - p) 50 or less
The rated input voltage and output load.With 20 MHZ bandwidth oscilloscope,
Load and 10 uF and 0.1 uF capacitance test. The MV
Output over-current protection

Output short circuit protection

Directly to the output of the normal short circuit, short circuit automatically resume normal work after removal

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TSP-05 AC-DC 220V į 5V mini maitinimo šaltinis

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