• APDS-9930 šviesos, priartėjimo jutiklis

APDS-9930 provides I2C interface-compatible ambient light sensor (ALS, Ambient Light Sensor) and proximity sensor with infrared LED in a single 8-pin package. The ambient light sensor uses dual photodiodes to approximate low lumen at 0.01 lux The visual response of the human eye provides the high sensitivity that allows the device to operate behind dark glass. The proximity sensor is fully tuned for 100 mm object detection, eliminating the need for factory calibration of end devices and subassemblies. From bright sunlight to dark rooms, the proximity detection function works well. A micro-optical lens is added to the module to provide efficient transmission and reception of infrared energy, which can reduce overall power consumption. In addition, the internal state machine allows the device to enter a low-power mode, resulting in extremely low average power consumption.


  • Working voltage: DC 3.3-3.8V
  • Output current: 0-20mA
  • Temperature range: -40 ℃ —85 ℃



  • Optical module with integrated ALS, infrared LED and proximity detector
  • Ambient Light Sensing (ALS), which approximates the visual response of the human eye
  • Programmable interrupt function with upper and lower thresholds
  • Up to 16-bit resolution
  • High sensitivity working behind dark glass
  • 0.01lux low lumen performance
  • Proximity detection, fully calibrated to 100 mm inspection
  • Integrated infrared LED and synchronous LED driver
  • Eliminates factory calibration of proximity sensors
  • Programmable wait timer, wait state power consumption-90μA (typical)
  • Programmable range from 2.7 ms to more than 8 seconds
  • I2C interface compatible up to 400kHz (I2C fast mode)
  • Dedicated interrupt pin
  • Sleep Mode Power-2.2μA (typical)
  • Small package 3.94 (L) x 2.36 (W) x 1.35 (H) mm

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APDS-9930 šviesos, priartėjimo jutiklis

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